Finding a Place to Stay in Gatlinburg

Finding a place to stay in Gatlinburg, Tennessee can be a fun experience. Whether you are looking for a campground, a five-star resort, a simple motel, or a bed and breakfast – the possibilities abound in this amazing town. Gatlinburg is well-known for its activities and sights – especially from being located at the base of the Great Smoky Mountains. There are so many outdoor activities and indoor activities available. But first, you need to find a place to stay. Read on for some excellent tips on finding that place to stay.

– Set Your Price. No matter what your budget there are lodging options available to you that will fit your budget and suit your needs. That is, as long as you are realistic about your expectations and do not have caviar dreams on a twenty-dollar a night budget. Keep your expectations realistic and your budget in mind when searching for lodging. Remember to stick to your budget and to keep searching. There are affordable options out there; you just need to know where to look.

– Assess Your Needs. Depending on your reason for traveling to Gatlinburg, you will need to assess your needs for lodging. If you are traveling for a relaxing getaway, you may determine that your needs are a hotel in a relaxing atmosphere perhaps with a fireplace, spa, and outdoor hot tub. Maybe a really scenic room facing the mountains or the river. Or a romantic place that is an adult-only type of lodging that sets the backdrop for a romantic experience. Or a kid-friendly place that offers kid-oriented activities.

– Select a Lodging Type. With all the incredible and vast options available, there is a lodging type for you in Gatlinburg. The possibilities are literally limitless. From a condo to a house, from a cabin to a campground, from a motel to a five-star resort – there is something for everyone available in Gatlinburg. Again, keep your expectations realistic for your budget – but know that there are many lodging types available.

– Surf the Web. As with all vacations, you can easily do research on the Internet. There are so many web sites available to you – just search based on your price, your needs and the type of lodging you desire. These lodging web sites will be able to sort the available options by price, star rating, availability and amenities. When surfing the web, keep in mind to view the pictures associated with the lodging choices so that you are able to see what kind of place you will be staying in. If pictures are not available on that particular web site it is a good idea to perform an Internet search on that particular lodging property to see if pictures are available elsewhere. If no pictures are available, it may be best to look elsewhere rather than take a gamble on an unknown hotel or other property type. Additionally, most web sites on lodging will offer a chance for reviews from actual customers of these lodging properties. Be sure to read several reviews in order to determine if this is the right place for you to stay on your exciting trip to Gatlinburg.

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